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On average, each parent prepares 200 lunches during the school year. We would like to make this process easier and so we prepared following tips how to make school lunches faster.

Involve your kids

Ask your child to help you. Depending on their age children can grab fruit out of the fridge, cut up vegetables, pack meal to the lunchbox. It is a good opportunity for them to learn how to maintain a healthy well-balanced diet, to gain their confidence doing something important and to show their creativity with ideas for lunch.

Cook in bulk

While cooking dinner consider making a bigger portion of everything and pack leftovers for lunch.
Also, stock up on healthy waffles, pasta or muffins and keep them in freezer.
It will a lot of time for you, just don’t forget to defrost meal you want to throw into your kid’s lunch.

Use “convenience” foods

It is not about using a fast food or processed food. We suggest you to go with easy and “packable” real foods like fruits, berries, pitted olives, defrosted frozen peas/lima beans/corn, string cheese, hard boiled eggs, drinkable yogurt, healthy snacks like seed crackers.

Freeze a few “emergency” meals

Always keep in the freezer food which you can easily grab and go in the morning, in case if you had a late night and didn’t catch up with lunch preparation for the next day. You can consider about these school lunch ideas: burritos, sandwiches, turkey roll ups, etc.

Hopefully, these easy tricks will make your parenting life easier.



40 Healthy School Lunch Ideas Kids Will Actually Eat (

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