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Pre Kindergarten

Age 4 1/2 – 5 years old
Hours 7am – 6pm – This Program is only Offered in July & Aug

The Bridge to a Successful Future

Our Pre-Kindergarten program is designed to pave the educational road ahead for our children. The first few years of the classroom environment is essential for developing the skills needed to achieve in our educational system. Enabling children to learn proactive skills, will allow them to achieve their highest personal level. Our goal is to prepare children through a curriculum that is designed to provide them with these skills, by preparing them with tools needed to achieve in today’s educational system. Our program is designed to be the bridge to their future.

When participating in our program, children will engage in activities that allow them to grow intellectually, physically, emotionally and socially. Therefore leading them to be better prepared for their future in a six hour classroom structured environment. These children will be given a challenging yet achievable curriculum along with a large support system from our staff. When participating in this program, children will obtain skills that will teach them to engage in thinking, reasoning, understanding, concept development and better communication with others. The curriculum will also include dramatic play, art and educational field trips. We provide hands-on help, as well as the freedom to explore; allowing children to build confidence in themselves, which is essential for their development and success.

The Program


Our goals include language acquisition in both verbal and nonverbal communication. We appreciate that language is rooted within family and community traditions as we encourage children to expand communication skills. Our curriculum also supports early literacy through developing beginning reading skills such as learning letters and sounds and immersion in a print-rich environment.


Learning numbers, operations, recognizing attributes and patterns, making comparisons and using simple concepts of geometry, measurement, and time are all a part of beginning mathematical learning. Using mathematical vocabulary, understanding quantity and sequencing help your child begin to identify relationships.


We support children’s scientific inquiry and knowledge through observation, the use of simple tools, representation of findings, and the use of basic scientific terminology and vocabulary. Science encourages your child to explore, respond to questions, make discoveries, apply information and find more than one solution to a problem.

Health and Safety:

We practice sound health, nutrition and safety practices through our science activities, our gross motor program, and enjoying a healthy snack together with friends.

Social Studies:

Encouraged Cognitive Exploration helps children understand social roles and rules, the local community, and their own contributions to the well-being of the social and physical environments in which they live.

Practical Life:

Encompasses several different important areas of a young child’s early education experience. Practical Life activities are ones that your children use in their everyday life such as: setting a table or sweeping the floor or helping to wash and cloth a baby. We will show your children how to perform these practical tasks and then in turn the child will be able to join mom or dad in completing these jobs at home. When a child learns a skill at school that can be used in everyday life it builds self-confidence and they begin to understand that the role they play in life is quite purposeful.

Parents Are Important

Parents are the most important people in a child’s life and for their development. We recognize your child’s dependence on you and other family members for support in all areas of development.

To achieve a high quality program, we offer:

  • Well-trained, warm, nurturing and caring staff whose expertise and commitment are valued
  • A rich and stimulating environment which can respond and adapt to the needs of individual children
  • A predictable yet flexible routine that offers children the security of a stable framework for their day
  • On-going communication between families and staff as part of an open and supportive relationship and commitment to work in partnership.
Family Engagement (Remove: Parents are Important)

At Parkland Players we treat every child uniquely, providing them with individual attention on their personal development path. Our reporting system continuously provides a transparent window to your child’s growth and development.

Individual Family Plan

Parents and children are welcome to make an appointment to visit our center.

Family goals for a child with special needs are planned and carried out by parents and daycare staff. From discussions and observation, we construct a plan that takes into account both strengths and needs.

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