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Importance of Preschool Education

Domains of Learning

  • Social Emotional Development
  • Language Development
  • Cognitive Development
  • Physical Development

Why Parkland Players Pre-School?

Under the Reggio approach, the teachers indirectly provoke ideas and solutions in children, and accompany the children on the exploration process rather than creating a distinct instructor/pupil relationship. The Environment is created and organized as such that is visually appealing to the children, and fosters curiosity and creativity. The ultimate goal is for the children to express their learning, knowledge, and experience freely and uniquely.

The instructor is very similar to that of a guide. A guide that leads children down a new path, and guide that keeps other children safe from harm.

Teachers allow the child to choose their learning and playing style while making safety a number one concern.

Activities encourage children to find their own answers instead of providing the answers for them. Every day is we learn with children and share in their experiences. We provide activities and materials that children find engaging. Nurturing a child encompasses all aspects of development: social, Emotional, Cognitive and Physical. Our instructors entails them to nurture appropriate growth and development.

Part of the activities that form the schedule in the preschool include:

  • Using circle time to teaching kids how to associate words using phonics
  • Pr-K, they are learning their alphabets (lower case and upper case), how to sound up the letters and words, how to spell their names, simple words, their numbers and math
  • Using specific themes each month and allowing the children to describe what those themes mean to them.
  • Providing materials for the children to help them use their imagination and creativity to craft and be able to express themselves freely through art.
  • Teaching the children how to apply good eye coordination by introducing them on how to properly use scissors.
  • Going over Calander, the child will learn to tell what day it is and what month.
  • Reading stories to help capture the children’s imaginations and help them improve their comprehension.

Beside educational program, in our daily program, children have time for physical and fun activities, they learn their skills such as social skills, problem solving and how to be independent and confident.

The benefits of Pm Preschool: children will improve physical health, socialization, improve self-esteem, room for self-expression, and provide education and discipline, through Yoga, French, Music, Dance and Building Blocks.

We at parkland players expecting parents to pay attention to the children‘s work and files which is been sent or will be sent home.

Please Contact Us if you have any questions or concerns.

Parkland Players Preschool Program

Below you can see some of the daily activities of our Pre-School Program; These activities will be a great opportunity for children to learn specific skills and add to their overall development before they are school aged.

Click on the tabs below to learn more. Ask us about our professional certificated teachers in the following programs.

    1. Improved Physical Health
    2. Socialization Benefits
    3. Improved Self-Esteem
    4. Room For Self-Expression
    5. Provides Education & Discipline
    6. Can Improve Self-Esteem
    1. It Enhances Physical Flexibility
    2. It Refines Balance and Coordination
    3. It Develops Focus and Concentration
    4. It Boosts Self-Esteem and Confidence
    5. It Strengthens the Mind-Body Connection
    1. It will boost their brain power
    2. It will improve their memory
    3. . It helps them socially
    4. It’s a confidence builder
    5. It teaches patience
    6. It can help them connect
    7. It’s constant learning
    8. It’s a great form of expression
    9. It teaches discipline
    10. It fosters creativity
    1. Better Linguistics
    2.  Cognitive Benefits
    3. Higher Academic Achievement
    4. Cultural Enrichment
    5. Societal Contributions
    1. Problem solving
    2. Imagination
    3. Self-expression
    4. Mathematics
    5. Continuity and permanence
    6. Creativity
    7. Science
    8. Self-esteem
    9. Social and emotional growth
    10. Development in all areas

    To register call: 604.670.8830 or CLICK HERE

    Daily Routines

    Below is a list of activities used to help children’s develop their domains of learning but not limited to:

    • Class size will not exceed 20 children
    • Circle time
    • Language: English and French
    • Phonics
    • early literacy
    • Math
    • Story time
    • Flannel board
    • Puppet
    • Calendar and weather
    • Music and Movement
    • Games
    • Phonics
    • Large muscle activities
    • Creative art
    • Dramatic play
    • Water play
    • Sand play
    • Science activities
    • Block building activities
    • Free play activities

    Domains of Learning

    • Social Emotional Development
    • Language Development
    • Cognitive Development
    • Physical Development
    Parents Are Important

    Parents are the most important people in a child’s life and for their development. We recognize your child’s dependence on you and other family members for support in all areas of development.

    To achieve a high quality program, we offer:

    • Well-trained, warm, nurturing and caring staff whose expertise and commitment are valued
    • A rich and stimulating environment which can respond and adapt to the needs of individual children
    • A predictable yet flexible routine that offers children the security of a stable framework for their day
    • On-going communication between families and staff as part of an open and supportive relationship and commitment to work in partnership.
    Family Engagement

    At Parkland Players we treat every child uniquely, providing them with individual attention on their personal development path.

    Our reporting system continuously provides a transparent window to your child’s growth and development.

    Staff Qualifications
    • Infant and Toddler Diploma
    • ECE Certified
    • ECE Assistant
    • Responsible Adult
    Individual Family Plan

    Parents and children are welcome to make an appointment to visit our center.
    Family goals for a child with special needs are planned and carried out by parents and daycare staff. From discussions and observation, we construct a plan that takes into account both strengths and needs.

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