Parkland Players Registration

How to Register with Parkland Players

New Registration (New Families)  CLICK HERE

We request every family to complete our Registration form online

You will receive a call shortly in regards to registration and availability of the program requested.

Note: Don’t forget to let us know for which location & program you are requesting for.

Registration Fees:

Waitlist & Online Registration is Free

There will be a non-refundable $50 Registration Process Fee

A deposit of $250 will be charged that will be deducted on the last month of the child’s enrollment.

 Re-registration (Existing Families)  CLICK HERE

You can simply inform us throughout our Re-registration form

If you have a new child to be added to our system please click here.

You will receive a confirmation once the re-registration is completed by us.

Note: Please notify us about any changes on the child’s profile.

Registration Fees:

Initial Deposit fee will be returned on the last month of the child’s enrollment from facilities.

 Changes to Application

Please complete the Request and Inquiry Form and notify us about the changes on your child application or contact us at: 604.670.8830

Parkland Players Registration Procedure

Once the registration form is completed Parkland Players will:

  1. Contact the client to confirm the availability and registration
  2. Follow up to complete all the needed information for full registration
  3. Charge a registration deposit, and then postdated cheques or EFT information will be requested for monthly fees
  4. Set up a meeting in regards to signage of contract and applications
  5. Provide the families with a welcome email including the needed information for child’s starting date such as Emergency Kit, etc.


Family Rate

Families with more than one child registered will have the advantage of using the Family Rate.

Savings on Full Time Registered Siblings:

  • Infant & Toddler: $50/monthly/Family
  • Group Daycare: $50/monthly/Family
  • Out of School Care: $25/monthly/Family
  • Preschool: $10-$25/monthly/Family
 Parkland Players Current Families

Parkland Players pre-registration will start on the first of February of each year for the duration of the month.

Parkland Players New Families

If the program is at Capacity, the child will be listed on the wait list prior to March of that year. Parkland Players early registration will be open to public on the first of March of each year for duration of one month.


Parkland Players offers affordable pricing, on average our pricing is 10% lower than market price.

We take pride in the value and quality of child care being provided. Upon the child registration and availability, we will discuss the pricing of the requested program.

Pricing may vary based on our location. For further information you may contact us at 604.670.8830

Methods of Payment: EFT, cash or cheque

  • $10 processing fee per cheque
  • cash will only be accepted under certain circumstances

This Pricing is Effective as of September 2017, for 2017-2018 School Year.

Please view our monthly fees below:

Infant & Toddler

Class Rate
2 Days $ 685
3 Days $ 1025
5 Days $1400
Drop-in $100

Group Daycare

  Class Rate
2 Days $ 530
3 Days $ 780
5 Days $1000

PreSchool AM/PM

  AM Class Rate PM Class Rate Duration
2 Days $ 160 $ 160 2.5 Hrs.
3 Days $ 205 $ 205 2.5 Hrs.
5 Days $ 300 $ 300 2.5 Hrs.

PM rate includes the following additional programs:

Dance, Music, Building Blocks, French & Yoga

PreSchool Extended Day

  Class Rate
2 Days $ 260
3 Days $ 350
5 Days $ 500

The extended day rate includes the fee for the following additional programs, offered between hours of 11:30-1:00:

Dance, Music, Building Blocks, French & Yoga

Out of School Care

Class Rate
Kindergarten to Grade 6 $ 470
With Transportation $ 550
Transportation is available for:
  1. Porter Elementary School
  2. Queen of all Saints Elementary School

(only offered for Parkland Players Regan Ave Location)

To register call: 604.670.8830 or CLICK HERE