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Group Daycare

Age 3 – 5 years old
Hours 7am – 6pm

Domains of Learning

  • Social Emotional Development
  • Language Development
  • Cognitive Development
  • Physical Development

Inclusive of Preschool

All our Group Daycare students are privileged to a part time preschool program.

Please visit our Preschool Program to view the details.

Daily Routines

Group Daycare Routine

Daily Activities

  • 2 language enrichment circles following the theme of the month
  • Math activities and games
  • Hands on science, indoor/outdoor science experiments
  • Guided free choice activities
  • Music, dance, movement and circle songs
  • Dramatic play to enrich imagination
  • Creative art activities
  • Provocation tables
  • Daily snack/meal times
  • Outdoor play
  • Free play

Weekly Routine

  • French circles
  • Baking club
  • Dance club
  • Drama club
  • Nature discovery walks
  • Music club
  • Outdoor Sport Club (Soccer, Running, Etc.)
  • Long Term Project (exploration on open/ended projects)

Occasional Events

  • Educational fun trips
  • Parties (Based on monthly theme and events eg. Halloween, St. Patrick Day, etc.)
  • Performances
  • Other Celebration
    • Graduation Ceremony
    • Christmas Concert
    • Chinese New Year school parade
    • Persian New-year dance party
  • Sporting Events
    • Soccer/Football World cup
    • Summer Olympic
    • Winter Olympic
Parents Are Important

Parents are the most important people in a child’s life and for their development. We recognize your child’s dependence on you and other family members for support in all areas of development.

To achieve a high quality program, we offer:

  • Well-trained, warm, nurturing and caring staff whose expertise and commitment are valued
  • A rich and stimulating environment which can respond and adapt to the needs of individual children
  • A predictable yet flexible routine that offers children the security of a stable framework for their day
  • On-going communication between families and staff as part of an open and supportive relationship and commitment to work in partnership.
Family Engagement

At Parkland Players we treat every child uniquely, providing them with individual attention on their personal development path.

Our reporting system continuously provides a transparent window to your child’s growth and development.

Staff Qualifications
  • Infant and Toddler Diploma
  • ECE Certified
  • ECE Assistant
  • Responsible Adult
Individual Family Plan

Parents and children are welcome to make an appointment to visit our center.
Family goals for a child with extra support needs are planned and carried out by parents and daycare staff. From discussions and observation, we construct a plan that takes into account both strengths and needs.

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