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Thanksgiving is a special time for families to spend time together with love and gratitude.This is also a great opportunity to teach children the importance of this celebration, as well as importance of thankfulness, sharing, and family values.

Here are a few tips how to make children understand why this holiday is so significant.

1. Stories:

Tell children family stories and explain the traditions, it helps them to know more about life and history.

2. Food:

Discuss with the youngest ones the celebration food and the reasons of sharing favorite meals.

3. Thankfulness:

Create together a family list of things you all are thankful for or ask each family member to share their own reason to be thankful for during the dinner time.

4. Generosity:

Show children an example of importance to be generous and help other who have less. Donate together or share with people who need support.

5. Activities:

Involve children in preparation activities for celebration and enjoy your time together. Ask kids to help you with celebration dinner or make crafts together – create your memory-making experience.

6. Conversation:

Be sure your children are not bored at the table while adults have their conversation. The matter of importance of this holiday is to enjoy family time and have fun activities together.


Using these easy tips, you can instill in children respect for family values from early childhood.



Bright Horizons | Why is Thanksgiving Important? Teaching Children about Thanksgiving | Bright Horizons®

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