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What are everyone’s plans for the summer break with the pandemic regulation loosening up?

We still have to be mindful of social distancing and having masks on when needed and required. There are many things to do during summer yet we must find common ground with children before to dive into the summer break. Here are our top 4 activities to have a happy and safe summer break with children.

1. Make a List

Making a “things to do or want to do” list really supports both children and family members to think and act with the same goal in mind. It also helps to have all ideas in one space so no one idea slips off. Brainstorming together really helps individuals in the group to understand other’s point of view and thoughts.

2. Sharpen Your Skills

Whether you and your child want to elevate cooking skills or writing skills, you both will need enough time and space. Summer break will be perfect to elevate their skills and have fun. You can have a reading challenge with children and sharpen their academic skills. There are numerous sources online and offline that will support children with literacy and academic thoughts.

3. Camp in the Backyard

Not all households have a spacious yard. If you have a tent, use the tent. However, with the help of blankets, chairs, and pillows, you can still have so much fun creating your own tent or a village with your children. Feel free to have activities or daily routines inside to have extra fun!

4. Stay Cool

Summer is all about summer fun. To cool down from the sun, water play is a must! You can use an inflatable pool or garden hose. Prepare some summer fruits and drinks beside the summer fun activity space. Pump up some music and balloons if you will. Dress with cool clothing, apply sun cream, have your sunglasses on with your children and you are all set for the party.


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