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Summer Break is here! What are the plans?
There are many things to do during summer yet we must make some mutual ground with children before to dive into the break. We have a great source that will let us support through the happy and safe summer break with children.

1. Maintain your schedule

Making the “things to do or want to do” list really supports both children and family members to thinking and act on the same goal and thought. And don’t forget to have things visual for younger ones. Transition can be difficult with many children. Take your time in these changes of time. Brainstorming together really helps individuals in the group to understand their point of view and thoughts.

2. Get Outdoors!

There are so much extra sights, sounds, and social interactions outdoors. Have a good amount of outdoor time with children to learn about the world and each other. Not only sunny days, take them out on a rain to explore the outdoor with rain. Physical acitivty is always good for the mind, body and spirit.

3. Mimic home routines

Going for a short or long travel outside from home? Please be mindful to have the similar home routines included in the travel plan. Young children will feel more safer and relaxed if something that they know is embeded into the newness. They will feel more comfortable and confident for sure!

4. Work with child’s strengths and interests

All children are different and what interests them are also different. Find things that interests them. Have conversation to see what it leads to. You can always spice up a bit when choosing an activity. Try changing the colors, music, space, etc. Children will find ways to explore the activity in multiple ways!


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