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Children and play are highly connected and play effects children’s core essentials. The article by Kinsner articulates the importance of play in children’s learning and growth. We will be explaining the top five benefits of play in children.

1. Natural way to learn science

Children are natural explorers, researchers, and adventurer. For example, have a conversation about flowers and how it grows when there’s good amount of water and sun exposure. Go outdoor and spark a conversation about the idea again and you will see many children start to look for plants or flowers to start researching. Children also learn about the weather and temperature while playing outdoor. They can listen to their body and feel what they need and want.

2. Social interactions

Through play, children can learn the social ques, gestures and etiquettes. They learn how to take turns, wait, and explore with others. During play, many conversations occur. It may be verbal or physical. They learn to play together and learn from each other. When other children can perform something that some children haven’t done, for example a monkey bar, some children can take risks to try themselves and copy others.

3. Physical health

To continue from the last one, when children play, it connects to their physical health. When they pull themselves on the monkey bar, push their body on the swing, balance their whole body on the obstacle course, and other things, they are stimulating their muscles and growing stronger and learn how to control their body.

4. Better Sleep

When children explore using their whole body, it uses a lot of energy. When body uses a lot of energy, it requires a good break or sleep to charge back. When children play outdoor for a good amount of time, it can lead to a good night sleep and a great morning. It is proven that good sleep leads to good growth and health for children. The body and brain need a good time to rest and charge back for children to have a blast the next day.

5. The real-world explorer

Reading a book about things are great but going out to see the real-life size or living creatures are better. Go out to see or feel the real birds flapping, wind blowing, bright sunshine, soft rain or snow or even a motorcycle or a heavy-duty vehicle that was parked outside the road. Explore the size, color, smell or even a taste!


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