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Spending time outdoors greatly affects one’s mood, health, and self-awareness. Breathing in the fresh air really opens wholeness to oneself. Disconnecting the technology will refreshen and relax our bodies and minds. Spending quality time with our young ones is needed. There are 5 benefits of spending outdoor time with children and the article by Greens Steel will explain them further below:

1. Provides Quality Family Time

The page articulates spending time with family and their children during the outdoor time as a quality time and is meaningful. As many trails may not offer good connection to the phones or tablets, it can offer real conversation and learning about each other. And this will escalate and create a bond. The stillness of the nature will provide the safe ground of conversation with the children.

2. Opportunity to Connect with Nature

As mentioned above, the nature can be the third space or a person. It is there as they walk along the trail. And it is meaning and relationship making opportunity for children and family with the nature. Children has to experience the nature to understand and gratitude the nature.

3. Amps Up Vitamin D and Exercise

Of course, the best reason we should go out with our children is to exercise. Children need to exercise. And having the loved ones beside will encourage and give energy to move forward or to rest at the right time. It will provide learning about their body by exercising. When soaking up the Vitamin D from the sunlight will enhance their health is so many ways as well.

4. Sparks Curiosity

Almost every time, children pops questions while outdoors. Why, what, where, who, and when questions will arise. These are educational moments and having families to answer or let nature answer these questions are memorable and essential. Having curiosity is the key. Perhaps walk slowly or faster to have more questions develop or answers done.

5. Exposure to Wildlife

When we talk about wildlife, it may be a trip to local Zoo. Nature is the wildlife. There are many that we cannot control. Go for a hike or a simple walkaround a small trail during every season to see the incredible wildlife. There is more wildlife than you think in your local nature.


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