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Summer is a time full of sunshine, warmth, and fun activities. Children and parents are enjoying vacations, which is a great excuse for spending more time in a family circle, discussing topics which are usually skipped during the busy school year. We are suggesting to use this opportunity and introduce your children to art, using 6 useful tips on how to get your child interested in art.
Here they are:

1. Let their minds wander

Try to avoid long-lasting and sometimes a little bit boring explanation when introducing your kids to a new craft. Make nice and short guidance for them and let them start as soon as possible. For the kids art is mostly about discovering, so provide them with ideas and materials and let them feel free to express creativity in their own manner.

2. Take them to museums—and be patient!

Entering the museum don’t forget to visit the gift shop and let your children pick out a favorite postcard of masterpiece exhibit there. And challenge them to try to find it over the museum. This simple game helps to memorize the work better and makes them excited when it will be finally founded. And the main museum rule – Let kids explore exhibition at their own pace, no rush at all, just time to time don’t forget to ask them questions about the pieces they are more interested.

3. Stock up on craft supplies

Don’t limit your kids imagination with the crafts only from specialized store. Save some boxes, paper cups, and even toiled sleeves. Provide kids with glue, colour paper and paint and you will surprise how soon your child will run make-believe gallery. Always keep an eye on interesting materials or on any items which can be used for a masterpiece creation.

4. Create sculptures from public art

The reason why public parks and playgrounds usually place murals or sculpture beside them, is to show kids how uniquely art can be and to encourage them always have an important place for art in their lives. To make it more fun for children you can provide them with kid-friendly modeling compound or building blocks and to ask them to create their own sculpture after the public one.
Also don’t hesitate to share your opinion with kids, ask them what they think about any of public art and let their imagination run wild while they are creating sculptures.

5. Put it in a context they can appreciate

When you have a filling that art turns to be a little inaccessible for children, try to change the way to get them interested. Do your kids love any cartoon or game? Ask them to create their favorite character using Lego, modeling compound or to simply draw it. This specific interest helps to make them dive right in.

6. Work together

Come up with a group art project you can do. Work side by side and help each other if there are difficulties. Let them do a most fun part like decoration. Appreciate their efforts and then show off your completed project together.


And always remember to start your classical art journey with the clearest and most appropriate for your child’s age masterpiece. For example, here is a list of famous artists who will impress your kids of any age: Kandinsky, Mondrian, Matisse, Van Gogh, Seurat, Monet, Warhol, Klimt, Pollock, O’keefe.


How to Get Your Kids Interested in Art

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