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Earth Day is coming up. And there are many activities and ideas to explore with children to develop a positive understanding of the earth and sustainability. As we design our curricula together with children for this April, we would like to focus on sustainability and the importance of recycling and saving. There are many resources to educate children on how to make difference for earth day and forward. The author, Carrero (2019) listed great ideas for children and adults can do for Earth Day.

1. Plant a tree/flower in the yard or a garden

We can also explain that trees make good oxygen for all of us and with flowers they can be good nests for small creatures and animals. It also gives life, tools, and shelter for animals. Children can also create a name tag or signage for the tree and flowers. It is super fun to check back regularly to see if it grew any taller or any creatures are living by it.

2. Learn about recycling and participate in it by recycling

Recycling is always around for all of us. We can create universally used signs for recycling for children and go through which are which. There are games, activities, and books about recycling. During snack and lunchtime, when children are eating fruits or yogurt cups, they can participate in recycling with the guidance of the teacher.

3. Produce less garbage

Sensory, fine, and large motor and creative play are essential in children’s development. We often see many materials and objects are used during these plays and some materials like paper are often recycled away or put into the garbage. During these plays, we can openly discuss what, when, why, and how much we need to reduce as much as possible yet still have fun and explore

4. Donate things you do not use to charity.

Families and children can participate by bringing unused toys or clothing that can be donated to charities because it is another form of recycling. Children can see what are the things that they need and things that they can recycle for a good cause.

5. Use less water

Many children love playing with water when washing their hands. They love splashing, hearing the water coming out or draining, feeling the pressure of coming down on their hand, and making bubbles. We can bring these phenomena into a water table for children to enjoy or puddles outside. We can enjoy more sustainable way.


Carrero, K. (2019). Earth Day: Kids Can Make a Difference. Extremely Good Parenting.

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