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Celebrating special occasions during the pandemic

There are so many guidelines for social gatherings and children’s birthdays, sleepovers, playdates, graduations, and all other fun celebrations that were paused and canceled. Surely enough, many children were frustrated and down that, the normal way of gathering has been paused. As adaptation is our key feature, many celebration ideas have been posted and shared. Here are 5 ways to celebrate children’s events suggested by a post made by Bologna (2020).

1. Balloon Surprises

Many children love surprises, especially if it is a surprise about celebrating for them!
Now, balloons can be in all shapes and sizes with so many themes. It can be prepared when they are asleep so it can be done in the morning or it can be prepared when they are at school so it can be done after school. Some families even hid it under their car trunk, closets, under desks. And balloons give a positive and filling vibe to space.

2. Car Parade

If you have local friends and families who have a car can plan a time to be around in their car! The children can enjoy safe, distanced, yet super fun celebrations!
Perhaps friends and families can prepare balloons, posters, and cards to be joyful during the parade.

3. Zoom Celebrations

The video gathering platform called Zoom is popular during the Pandemic and it can be used for celebrations. Friends and families can arrange a time to gather in Zoom for a special celebration. It has many features to be creative and fun. Be sure to check out the background feature!

4. Baking Treats

Children’s families can pick a day to have a baking or cooking day to dedicate to celebrating a child’s event. It can be a cake for one’s birthday or a favorite food of the family. It is a great learning and gathering experience for the family and the child. While baking or cooking, take lots of photos and videos to collect precious memories.

5. Cards in the Mail

Now mailing letters are hard to be seen since emails, e-messages, calls, or videos are more accessible and faster. Yet the good old vibe of sending and receiving mails is a great way to celebrate. It has so much warmth and excitement to wait and open each lovely letter. Ask family and friends to write a letter with a photo or a drawing close to the date so the child can open on a special day.


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