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One of our monthly themes for this month is Science. Here are some activities for exciting science, these are great activities that can be incorporated into daily routines to explore the fun science.

1. Making Tornado in a Glass

Children absolutely loves a simple science with big result! Making tornado is so much fun when it can be done safely and super close to your eyes. Children just loves to see the swirls of tornados in a glass!

2. Static Electricity Butterfly

Starting from infants to school aged, all children loves this activity. It has art and science time included in the activity. Children can design their own unique butterflies and see the wings flap in action!

3. Earth atmosphere

This topic is big. The children can learn such a big concept in one small example! And they love the process of it. Seeing the divided layes of components and surprises how the earth has so many layers and atmosphere!

4. Magic Rainbow Toothpick

The most simple but always brings smiles and excitments is this activity. Children can easily do it with supervision and they love to see the magic happen in front of them! Only material you need is toothpick and water!

5. Milk in to Plastic!

This activity is a new one to be added to our tool box. We cannot wait to see children get excited to action this science activity. All you need is milk and vinegar! We can’t wait to see the milk turning into a hard material like plastic!


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