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Here are our favourite March activities! We love celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, Nowruz festival and the upcoming spring break. Feel free to brows our Bitaa website for additional March activities!

1. Egg Carton Flowers

Flowers are ready to bloom! Our children celebrate the coming spring with this creative activity. Once we are finished, we love to play with it during circle time, play time, and outdoor activity times!
Reference: Activity View

2. Shamrock Marbling

We love marble paintings! To celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, we do our favourite painting technique to color the shamrock!
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3. Grape Sculptures

March is health and wellness awareness month in our center. We use our fruit snacks for a simple and healthy art activity. While giggling and learning the technique of building a sculpture, we love eating them too!
Reference: Activity View

4. Fingerprint Heart Tree

The process of this activity is super easy, and the outcome is so beautiful! The children really enjoy mixing colours and different shapes using their fingerprints!
Reference: Activity View

5. Watermelon Volcano

This activity brings so much attention, smile, and excitement to children! With just a watermelon and few other ingredients we can have so much fun science activity!

Reference: Activity View


More March Activities:

Visit our Bitaa site for more activities for March! Enjoy!

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