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One of our monthly themes for this month is Father’s Day. Here are some activities for Father’s Day and for our loved ones, these are great activities that can be incorporated into daily routines to explore the love and care of our loved ones.

Our Top 5 activities for Father’s Day!

1. Father’s Day Best Dad Trophy

Children can start reading books about Father’s Day or have a circle time on how much we love our families. Start counting how many lovely moments children can share about it and discuss what we can award our loved ones perhaps a trophy!

2. Dad You Rock Father’s Day Craft

One of the easiest yet funny craft for Father’s Day is this activity. Children can go for a nature walk and start collecting rocks or pebbles. Create a card and start making rock puppets to go on the card using the collection from the nature walk.

3. My Dad Rocks Father’s Day Craft for Toddlers

We must include our babies to the arts and craft for the Father’s Day! Take them for a nature walk and carefully find a right sized rock. Have children creatively color the rock and let it dry. With the help of teachers, they can create a cute message rocks!

4. Monsters Hugs for Father’s Day Craft

This one always brings a giggle to the children. Create a big monster poster and add long arms! Start colouring the monster and add BIG MONSTER HUG!

5. Popsicle Father’s Day Card

We are hoping for a beautiful sunny day for the Father’s Day! The ice cream shaped card will bring good warms and chills to celebrate the Father’s Day. Start decorating the top!

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