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We do not have any job openings at the moment. Please come back again later.


We value the contribution each employee makes to Parkland Players and therefore offer a wide range of benefits to staff. Parkland Players is the leading child care provider, and community and people management is at the heart of all our activities. Parkland Players is also a member of Work Safe BC and is committed to ensuring accountability in all of our activities, as well as prioritizing the safety of its staff very highly.


Our approach to pay is driven by our values and aim to ensure that our reward package is competitive. We want to reward our staff for the remarkable work they do.
Pay for each role is normally advertised at the time of recruitment. Candidate will get paid based on their education and past experience.
Pay is reviewed annually for all staff and different factors determine pay awards and raises.


Parkland Players is one of the few Child Care providers that provides benefits to it’s senior staff (minimum of 1 year commitment to the facility).

In House Workshop

Parkland Players provides workshops and educational classes that will be in our facilities for our staff.

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