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Although a number of restrictions are beginning to be lifted in BC, and things are starting to open up, we continue to spend a lot of our time at home. So today we are sharing some ideas for keeping children physically active at home.

Physical Activities You Can Do Indoors

  1. Freeze Dance: Make your dance party at home more interesting and fun by throwing in the freeze element! When you pause the music, everyone has to freeze in their pose, when the music starts again, everyone starts moving!
  2. Balloon Volleyball: Blow up a balloon and bounce it back and forth. You can even make a net with yarn and a couple of chairs.
  3. Book-Worm Workout: Pick a book that has a repetitive word in it. Every time the word is read aloud, do something active like a jumping jack!
  4. Crab Carry: Up the crab walk game by balancing something like a bean bag on their tummy and walking around.
  5. Yoga JENGA: Write down some yoga moves on your JENGA blocks. Play the game as usual and do the moves written on each block as it is pulled from the tower.
  6. Hula Hoop: If you have space and the hoop, this can be a fun activity both indoors and outdoors. Just make sure you aren’t close to any furniture!
  7. Set Up A Maze or Obstacle Course: use whatever materials you have at home to set up a maze or obstacle course where children can do different activities at each step to get through the course! Just make sure you are aware of your space and resources and keep the course safe!
  8. Check out GoNoodle: They have lots of physical activity videos for kids to do indoors.

Benefits of Physical Activity For Kids

Although the benefits of physical activity for kids are widespread and well-known, here are some reminders!

  • Promotes healthy development
  • Increases self-esteem
  • Learning new skills
  • Better focus and concentration in school

What are you doing to stay physically active with your family at home?


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