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It’s March already and Spring is right around the corner. We are sure that many people are considering doing some Spring cleaning as we transition into the new season, but have you considered getting your children involved in the cleaning process? Here are some ways you can have children involved in Spring Cleaning and why it is beneficial:

1. Sorting Toys, Books, etc.

This is a great activity to have children involved in. Sometimes they may resist getting rid of their items, so before you start, be sure to set guidelines and rules. Perhaps tell them the number of items they are allowed to keep and the number they must get rid of. Or, make decisions simply with this or this options. Such as you can keep “Toy A” or “Toy B” but not both. You will be surprised how decisive children can be in this process. However, if they are super attached to any item, save it for next time around.

2. Passing on Clothes

Help children see that they have outgrown certain clothing items and that they can be donated or passed along to other family members.

3. Chores

You can even get children involved in household chores like sweeping and wiping down surfaces. This is a good opportunity to teach them about teamwork in the household and make them feel confident as contributors.


Benefits of involving children in Spring Cleaning:

  • It teaches children about environmentalism through the principles of reduce, reuse, and recycle
  • It teaches children about humanitarianism through setting things aside to donate to others in need
  • It teaches children about organization skills which is great for cognitive development and can even involve math skills such as sorting and counting
  • It helps children build self-confidence by having them involved in household activities as part of a team
  • It helps children learn about personal responsibility by having them be accountable for their belongings


For further suggestions on ways to get children involved in your spring cleaning visit (source):

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