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There is an important day in November to know and remember. Remembrance Day is on November 11th to remember and honor the ones that sacrificed and served our country. It is an important day to teach our little ones about. How do you do it? An article by Day (2019) shows us how we can teach our children in three simple ways.

    1. Make a connection

The author suggests to looks through the family tree and seeing who was in the military and start researching when they served and what their role was. Making the direct connection by making the family tree together visibly shows the connection between the heart of Remembrance Day and the child’s identity. If it’s too hard to find from the direct family line, it is also great to find a historic site that recognizes the event or a person.

    2. Make Remembrance Day real

There are places that serve our veterans that we can visit. “Through conversations, a soldier’s experience come alive.” You may also visit local events or ceremonies that honors Remembrance Day with children. Seeing the crowd and veterans in front of their eyes will be different but a real experience. Knowing that it’s not a day to rest but it is day to recognize, remember, and honor is important.

    3. Make it meaningful

Once you are finished with the events, you can always recap by having a small project with children. By creating a small craft or a letter to send to the organization, this will have children think about their contribution. Their creation will reflect their understanding and thoughts about the past.


This whole process will start from talking and researching about Remembrance Day and by seeing the various memorial events. And finally, contributing and sharing experiences and thoughts will have a mark on their understanding of Remembrance Day.



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