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Father’s day is this weekend and at our centre we have been reflecting on the ways we can show love and appreciation for the dads, or other father figures, in our lives. Although gifts can be sentimental, especially when they are homemade, we recommend doing some fun activities with the whole family this father’s day in order to give dad the gift of quality time together.

Quality Time on Father’s Day

Nothing is more precious! So here are some suggestions for things to do with dad this father’s day.

1. Golf: or mini golf depending on the age and interest level of your family. You can even go to the driving range if a full game of golf is not that appealing.

2. Take Him Out to a Ball Game: Or any other sporting event he might be into. This activity requires some planning ahead, see what events are happening in your local community, or in a big venue if it is within your budget.

3. Bowling: Is a classic option for a family night out. Keep this option in mind if you have rain this father’s day!

4. Go Fishing: if it is one of your dad’s hobbies, head to the lake and go fishing! Children’s fishing poles can be easy to find, pack a picnic lunch while you are at it!

5. Family BBQ: You don’t have to go far to give dad some quality time. Head to your own back yard for a BBQ and a game of catch.

6. Go for a Bike Ride: Hop on your bikes and head around the neighbourhood. Or if you are feeling more adventurous, head to Vancouver’s seawall and ride around there.

7. Build Something: If your dad is handy, pick a project with simple instructions and build something together!

8. Go for a Hike: There are lots of easy hikes for families around the Lower Mainland, do some research and choose one that is appropriate for your family’s ability level.

9. Go Camping: If your dad is outdoorsy, consider camping for father’s day weekend.

10. Family Movie Night: If all other plans fail, if you get rain on father’s day, or even if your dad is a big movie fan, have a family movie night for father’s day. You can head to the theatre, or have one in your own home, whatever dad enjoys!


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