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Use these interesting facts about Winter to embrace the chilly weather and snow as a teaching opportunity.
1. Winter months are from December 1 through February 28
2. A Winter storm takes place when freezing rain, ice, and snow occur over a few hours
3. The first Winter Olympics happened in 1924 in the French Alps.
4. Like birds, whales, bats, and caribou, monarch butterflies also migrate to warmer climates – escaping the Winter weather.
5. Deciduous trees lose their leaves during the winter, while most evergreen trees do not drop their needles – even in the extreme cold.
6. During the winter season, the North Pole has an average temperature of minus 40 degrees Fahrenheit.
7. Snow blindness happens after too much ultraviolet light and causes temporary pain.
8. When rain reaches freezing point, 32 degrees Fahrenheit, it turns into snow.
9. The history of the snowman dates back to the 1400’s when local artist, including Michael Angelo, considered snow to be free art supplies.
10. The first snowman photograph was taken in 1853.
11. Dry snow is not good for making snowballs but great for sledding!
12. Winter storms receive power when two air masses of different temperatures and moisture levels crash.
13. A blizzard is an extended snowstorm with very strong winds and intense snowfall.
14. The Sun seems bigger in winter than in summer.
15. Nights are longer in winter than in summer.
16. Some animals fully hibernate in winter, others just became inactive.
17. Snowflakes have 6 sides regardless of the designs.
18. Snow is colourless, it reflects the light that falls on it.
19. Aomori, in Japan, received the biggest number of snowfalls in the world.
20. Canada hosts an International Hair Freezing competition every February.

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