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“When people start experiencing positive growth and change, they want to experience more of it” (Macdonald, 2019).

Changes in normality

Educators and staff in childcare systems are facing so many changes and adaptation as all the society is moving forward through the pandemic. The new regulation, checklists, routines, and rhythm of the days are popping out. The educators need to adapt fast to put it into action to secure the safety of the environment for everyone present. They need to think again when doing certain activities, setting the room, presenting themselves to others.

These new norms are a difficult yet critical moment for all. Macdonald mentions that “Even if you graduated five, ten years ago with a top degree, that’s not current information that we know now… We’re learning more – literally every day, new research, new studies – about how to work with children; … what are best practices we can do.”

Changes in normality’s toll on educators and children

The speaker also projects the idea of co-relation of educators’ life-long learning and its effect on children, school, community, and families. Educators play a vital role in this setting. Children are the one who takes the vitality. And when children grow with this vitality, it becomes a ripple effect. This relationship is to give and to give back. With all the hassle and extra steps taken during our daily activities, it will ripple around and give back shadows of beauty that children and the educators haven’t recognized before. The author, Leggo (2005), mentions that “[Educators] need a flexible openness to creative living. Educators are always in process, not afraid of change and conflict. Educators live in the dynamism of transformation. All the time” (p. 446).

The jobs and strength to have a safe environment must be seen and valued. The educators and children are working together to protect each other and still find living-learning through these new times. The new norm will capture and resonate with positive and nurturing ideas and colors to space.



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