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It is the first week of Spring Break here in Vancouver and this means that many children are off from school for the next two weeks. At our centre, we run a two-week Spring Break Camp program that is quite popular with School-Aged children in our community. Some people may think that Spring Break Camps do not give children the opportunity to have the rest and relaxation that Spring Break is supposed to provide. But, we think that Spring Break programs can have a whole number of benefits, and so does the North Vancouver Recreation and Culture blog. The following is a summary of the benefits of Spring Break programs shared by them, that we also would like to highlight and expand upon:

1. Trying New Things

Spring Break Camps often include special field trips, interesting activities and skills opportunities that children might not experience otherwise. During our camps at Parkland Players, we like to feature field trips to local attractions as well as skills building activities such as jewelry making, gardening, and woodworking to name a few.

2. A chance to Break from Routines

Although camps are a scheduled program similar to school, the routine is new and different, and therefore still offers a break from the usual activities of the school day that children may be tired of this time of year. The camps still give children the opportunity to reset and come back to school after the two weeks excited and refreshed.

3. Unplug From Technology

It is the policy of many centres and camps programs to limit screen time. Therefore, enrollment in camps can help to keep your children off their phones, tablets, and computers and away from the TV during these two weeks.

4. Keeping Active

Outdoor, active play is essential. At Parkland Players we dedicate time every day to this sort of play, not just during our Spring Break camp but in all our programs year-round.

5. Making Friends and Socializing

The mix of children that attend Spring Break Camps can often be somewhat different than the peers children are used to seeing at school every day. Therefore, camps can be a great place to practice and build social skills and even create or expand upon new friendships.


So next time you are hesitant or worried about enrolling your child in a Spring Break program consider these, and the many other benefits, your child can obtain from a well-planned Spring Break Camp.


To register for Spring Break Camp at Parkland Players, please fill out the form here. Or give us a call at 604-670-8830 Ext.201


Source: Kari B. for North Vancouver Recreation & Culture Active Living Blog:

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