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One of our monthly themes for this month is Valentine’s Day. Here are some activities to celebrate Valentine’s Day, these are great activities that can be incorporated into daily routines to explore various themes with children.

1. Shake Painting Hearts

Children love marble painting and this one is in the style of Valentine’s Day. They get to enjoy shaking the container to creatively decorate the heart pieces. The colored hearts can be used in other art activities or used as small cards for their family member or classmates.
Source: Shake Painting Hearts – Bitaa App

2. Candy Conversation Heart Experiments

Our out of school care children and daycare children love science experiments. One of our favorite activities for Valentine’s Day is this one. They huddle around the bottles and see and predict what will happen to the candies in each bottle.
Source: Candy Conversation Heart Experiment – Bitaa App

3. Fingerprint Hearts

The result of art always amazes young children. They love to see the heart pop out. Providing different colors and sometimes materials to paint give them excitement and wonder about the result of the art.
Source: Fingerprint Hearts – Bitaa App

4. Valentine’s Name Puzzles

This is great learning alphabets and names activities. They can decorate the heart shapes and write their name. Cutting can be done by children as well. This Valentine’s Day activity has many developmental factors.
Source: Valentine’s Name Puzzles – Bitaa App

5. Cupid’s Arrow Toss

All age groups of children enjoy this activity. We often have background music to pump up space. We can also bring stations of activities where it can be a festival of Valentine’s day!
Source: Cupid’s Arrow Toss – Bitaa App

6. Valentine’s Beading/Jewelry Making

The out of school care group loves jewelry making. Every Valentine’s day, we enjoy making keychains, necklaces, bookmarks, hairpins, and bracelets for our favorite people. They enjoy teaching others their way to make certain patterns or color combinations.
Source: Valentine’s Beading/Jewelry Making – Bitaa App

7. Handprint Flowers Valentine’s Craft

This is good old printing hand painting activity! The result is super cute and authentic. Children can freely paint the cutout pieces or carefully handprint to make flowers for their families. Providing different colors to make a bouquet is a great idea as well.
Source: Handprint Flowers Valentine’s Craft – Bitaa App

8. Heart Spin Painting

This activity is like marble painting but with a salad spinner! It is an absolute favorite activity for children. The pulling action always triggers children to giggle and be excited. The result is beautiful. Add many colors to create awesome pieces!
Source: Heart Spin Painting – Bitaa App


Source for other Valentine’s Day activities or other children activities:

Bitaa App

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