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Our monthly theme for this month is Hibernation and Animals in Winter. Here are some activities about animals and winter, these are great activities that can be incorporated into daily routines to explore various winter themes and animals with children.


Animals and Winter Activities

1. Follow the Footprints

Children can start reading books about animals or explore various footsteps of animals. Once they explored various animals, they can start drawing or create footsteps of their imaginary animal. Our children love to play with music and move around the footsteps by imitating the animal movements.


2. Building Animal Shelters

Our younger children can have a good time making animal shelters. We go for nature walks or spend our outdoor time by the park to read books about hibernation. They love to build with their creative ideas and loves to check back to see if the animals have settled.


3. Arctic Animal Yoga

We love to add yoga time to our daily routines with young children. Sometimes we do it at the beginning of our circle time, and it is a great way to capture their attention and calm the space to peace. Children giggles when we say we will do it like a certain animal. It also acts as a smooth transitional activity to books or activities.


4. “Do I Hibernate”

Preschool’s favorite game for hibernation theme. They love guessing and exploring the information on animals during winter. They always get fascinated to know which animals hibernate and which do not. We love looking at magazines with animals to go through if the animal on the page hibernate or not.


5. Moose Collages

This is a cute and easy art activity for young children. We love reading or doing felt board stories about moose in winter times and follow up with making the moose. And we show children how big and tall the moose can get when it all grows up. We explore with children where we can find Moose, what it likes to eat, where it sleeps at night and what it likes to play with etc.


6. Making Animal Tracks

This is great for school-aged children to creatively make animal foot tracks with cardboard and in the end, they can have so much fun stomping their foot stamps! It can be a long project for children to make their animal foot tracks. First children choose one animal or their imaginary animal and they can explore its foot. They can have it on when it’s done and play animal movement games.

7. Move Like an Animal Activity Cube

This is our teacher’s favorite animal games to play. Once the cube is made, it can be passed to various age groups to be played with. Teachers are always included in the game and they have lots of fun playing with children. They can be creative and make sounds as they play according to the cube!

8. Clean the Dogs Sensory Activity

The infant and toddler group loves playing with bubbles and water. Sometimes we add other animal toys and balls for them to explore. They love to read about cleaning and taking care of themselves. We bring the activity outside when it’s nice and warm.


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