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One of our monthly themes for this month is Mother’s Day. Here are some activities for Mother’s Day and for our loved ones, these are great activities that can be incorporated into daily routines to explore the love and care of our loved ones.

1. I Love You to Pieces Mother’s Day Craft

Children can start reading books about Mother’s Day or have a circle time on how much we love our families. Start counting how many lovely moments children can share about it!
Children can start ripping colorful paper or recycling paper and start the craft.

2. LOVE Sign

One of our activity that brings surprise for the children always. Start taping L O V E sign on the white paper with a painter’s tape. Have children stamp their hands onto it using paint or use paint brush. The last magical moment is when they take off the tape!

3. I Love You Because…

We love to talk about why we love our families. This is a great activity for older children. Have children write down why they love their family member onto the flower petals. Collect few and create a beautiful flower.

4. Craft Stick Jewelry Holder

Out of School Care’s all time favorite activity is ‘Craft stick jewelry holder.’ They can collaboratively decorate the popsicle sticks and create very cute jewelry holder for their mother or a family member.

5. Tulip Fork Bouquet

How about a bouquet of flowers for our mothers? Our daycare children loves creating things with the recycling and one of the cute activity for mother’s day is to create a tulip fork bouquet. Try painting different colors to create beautiful bouquet.



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