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2021 is almost coming to an end. This year the program spaces were filled with laughter, fun, and interactions while adapting the new norm that COVID-19 has given us. The children and educators engaged in various activities and explorations this year. For this last month of 2021, educators and children in Parkland Players are doing these activities. Here are our top 5 favourite activities for winter break:

1. Fingerprints Christmas Lights Art

The result of this exploration is always turning to be a beautiful art piece. We use it on our prevocational table, and it brings so much warmth and Christmas vibe. It is also great for all ages.

2. Giant Gingerbread Man

The out of school care program’s children enjoy making the giant gingerbread man. We are planning to have groups making different kinds and creative gingerbread man this year. We are overly excited for this!

3. Painting on Ice

This is great activity when it’s too chilly outside to play. Children can use any tools such as brushes, their hands and even foot, sponges etc. It is super cool to use variety of colors, yet depending on the exploration, we sometimes give single color. Expect some crazy splashes in the end!

4. Building Igloos

Children enjoy this delicious and fun activity so much! They can build their imaginary igloos with toothpicks and marshmallows. We love reading a book about igloos and winter shelters for animals so children can extend their stories. It is also a great activity to practice creative thinking skills and building.

5. Story Stones

This is an activity originated from a traditional Aboriginal people of Australia. Story stones are painted stones kept in a small pouch and used as a tool to tell stories. We love different tools and ideas to tell stories to each other. It supports children’s imagination and creativity!


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