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Our monthly themes for this month are Remembrance Day, Transportation and Community Helper. Here are some activities for the month of November that can be incorporated into daily routines to explore the monthly theme.

    1. Paper Plate Haircuts

One of the easiest yet fun crafts for Community Helper is this activity. Carefully teach how to use scissors to children. If it’s too hard, they can always use their hands as well. Draw a funny face on the middle of the paper plate and have them start designing the hair on the top!


    2. Hot Air Balloon Cup and Plate Craft

Start explaining and showing children what a hot air balloon is and looks like. Explain the science behind it! Start with decorating the cup and then the plate! It is a great decoration for the rainy season to bring some popping colors!


    3. Color Sorting Train

This one always brings a giggle to the children. Create a rainbow train on the floor and have children find an object around the room. And start sorting it by color! Not all objects will have a solid color, have children explain which color they are sorting it by.


    4. Nature Based Sink or Float

Little bit of fun science for November! Have children collect various small objects and start exploring if things will float or sink. It is a great way to learn about the weight and the science behind it.




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