Word Dominoes Game

Today we thought we would share this cool word game from nurturestore. This game is good for learning and practicing CVC words. CVC words are 3 letter words that alternate a Consonant letter, Vowel letter, and then another Consonant letter (hence, CVC). The are some of the first words early readers learn and they are good for practicing early literacy skills and building the foundations for spelling.

This game uses CVC words and is played much like Dominoes. To start with you will need to brainstorm a list of CVC words that rhyme. The source site used the following:

Cat Cot Bat Bet But Cut Bit Dot Fit
Fat Got Mat Mot Sat Sit Pot Pet Pat
Pit Rat Rot Top Cop Mop Pop Rip Tip
Pip Sip Big Dig Fig Pig Rig Rib Fib
Dog Fog Bus Pub Put Pup      

Once you have thought up your CVC words. Get some craft popsicle sticks. On each Popsicle stick write two of the CVC words at random and separate them with a line down the middle. These are your “dominoes”.

Divide the dominoes between players. To play the game have someone start by placing the first domino. Then you take turns placing the dominoes until someone gets rid of all of theirs first. You can place a domino by either matching rhyming words or matching the beginning letter of each word.

To extend this game you can have each player make up a sentence with the word before placing it down.

And there it is, simple and fun literacy game!

Source: http://nurturestore.co.uk/word-dominoes-game-cvc-words?utm_content=bufferbb0ac&utm_medium=social&utm_source=pinterest.com&utm_campaign=buffer



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