Why Summer Camps Programs Can Be Beneficial for Your Child’s Development

Summer is often seen as a great opportunity for kids (and parents) to take a break from the busy school year. But just because you are resting and relaxing with the better weather doesn’t mean that your child’s development and learning stops! For this reason, Summer Camps and educational programming in July and August can be incredibly beneficial for children of all ages.


Summer Camps can help children to continue to develop social and emotional skills such as building friendships. It also helps them keep practicing and maintaining routines. Furthermore, a lot of summer camps programs have cognitive, literacy, and science educational programming built into them which can help children continue to use those skills, so when they come back to school in September they are well-prepared.


For a great article on the benefits of summer programming, go here: https://www.u-gro.com/2018/04/benefits-summer-childcare/


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