Why Music is Beneficial in Education

By September 12, 2016Parkland Players

At Parkland Players we love to try to incorporate music classes into our programming. And for that reason we really like this article form sheknows.com on the 10 ways music can be beneficial to children. So here’s a recap.

  1. “It will boost their brain power”: music stimulates the brain not only in the ways related to music but also in many other cognitive areas. Exposure to music is correlated with greater success in a school setting
  2. “It will improve memory”: this ties into the point above. Music stimulates memory and learning abilities, which contributes to these skills outside of the realm of music as well.
  3. “It helps them socially”: getting involved in a musical group or class can help children practice essential social skills that will they will carry with them throughout their lives
  4. “It’s a confidence builder”: mastering a difficult task such as learning how to play an instrument makes you feel good about yourself, need we say more?
  5. “It teachers patience”: the slow process of learning an instrument or practicing a piece of music forces children to experience delayed gratificiation.
  6. “It can help them connect”: basically, it is fun, and it can be a healthy outlet for negative emotions.
  7. “It’s constant learning”: and learning is great!
  8. It’s a great form of expression”: music can inform children of a different way to communicate their thoughts and feelings.
  9. “It teaches discipline”: practicing music can be very self-driven for kids. You will only get out of it what you put into it. This is a great skill for children to learn
  10. “It fosters creativity”: lastly, it contributes to creativity, which is essential in many aspects of life and easy to lose as we get older.

So there it is, ten, but not all, of the benefits of music for children!

Source: http://www.sheknows.com/parenting/articles/814331/10-reasons-why-your-child-should-play-a-musical-instrument-1/page:2 written by: Sarah W. Caron


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