Why Leaves Change Colour Exploration

By October 25, 2017Parkland Players

We are sharing this post in relation to a post from last week regarding why leaves change colour. This activity is great to do before or alongside the experiment from last week. It is a more open-ended exploration of the properties of leaves brought to you by one of our staff members.

  •  Materials
    • Leaves (collected from an outdoor nature walk)
    • white paper
    • markers


  • Instructions
    • Collect leaves during an outdoor nature walk.
    • Come back inside and examine the leaves, taking special care to think about the colours and shapes of the leaves and how these colours change in the fall.
    • Spend some time estimating how long it takes the leaves to change colour
    • Put the leaves in front of you and recreate the leaf by drawing it.
    • Pay attention to the unique vein network in each leaf.
    • Discuss how the veins are for providing water and nutrients to keep the leaf alive.
    • Finish with a discussion about the role of the veins, and the process of the leaves changing colour.

Source: Parkland Players Staff


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