What Makes a Successful Childcare Program?

By November 2, 2016Parkland Players

When searching for childcare it is easy to focus on the basic aspects of a centre, such as the cleanliness, the location, the reputation, and the ratio of staff to children. While all these things are important and essential, they are not the only markers of a great childcare program. As outlined by Spreewenberg (see source at bottom) the following items are also things to consider when examining the successfulness of a early childhood education centre.

Great Curriculum

  • What this comes down to is giving children a variety of learning opportunities. A word like curriculum may suggest a great deal of structure and academically focussed learning outcomes that are highly regiments, like a school. However curriculum can take many forms. In the Reggio Emilia Approach curriculum is much more loose as it follows children’s interests and provides an environment rich with opportunities to direct their own learning.
  • Good curriculum provides education through a number of mediums: art, physical activity, music, math, science, natural studies and more.

Established Rules and Policies

  • This just means that what staff, children and parents can expect from the centre is clearly established and made available to all parties.
  • Policies are written, practiced and put in place so that the appropriate response is automatic and clear in any situation

High-Quality Staff

  • Staff who love what they do, are engaged with the curriculum, care for their students are highly qualified are important to creating a welcoming daycare environment.
  • Additionally, staff should have supplementary coursework and certifications and all should have basic first aid.

Attention to Health and Safety

  • The facility being clean is a must
  • Safety in all regards is important. This means being aware of the surrounding grounds and removing any hazards, having working smoke dectectors and having policies in place for any kind of emergency situation

Parent Involvement

  • A successful childcare center establishes clear lines of communication between staff/administration and parents.
  • They invite parents to participate in events and notify them of daily ongoings when appropriate.

We hope that those who have experienced our center believe that Parkland Players embodies these qualities as we strive to make our center the best it can be.

Source: https://www.himama.com/what-makes-a-successful-child-care-program September 22, 2015. Author: Ron Spreeuwenberg



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