Water Cycle in a Jar

Today we are sharing a super cool activity from some of the staff at our centre. They did this activity in the past week with preschoolers and the students loved it!

Goals of the Activity: Learn about learn, understand how regular events in the environment occur, encourage exploration and curiosity.

Materials Needed:

  1. Water
  2. Shaving cream
  3. Popcorn
  4. Food colouring (preferably blue)
  5. Clear container (like a jar)


  1. If you are in a group, have children gather around a table.
  2. Fill container with water
  3. Put container of water on table.
  4. Discuss rainy weather as it pertains to relevant topics (ex. Spring weather, outdoors, etc.)
  5. Put popcorn in the water. Discuss how it represents clounds and how the clouds get too heavy with water.
  6. Put food colouring in for rain. Discuss condensation and precipitation processes.
  7. Have children go to eye level with bottle.
  8. Make sure children observe and ask questions.

Source: Staff at Parkland Players adapted this activity from a variety of sources. For more details regarding this activity, feel free to contact us.



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