Upcoming Events in Coquitlam

By September 15, 2015Parkland Players

At Parkland Players, we love being a part of the Coquitlam community and this month the city has a number of fun and interesting events coming up. Among our favourites are

  • Treefest 2015 on September 19th where family can take part in tree toursm heritage walks, and more!
  • Westminster Savings Free Skate on September 19th at Poirier Sprots and Leisure Complex
  • Kid’s Swap Meet on September 20th where parents can swap and sell children’s items such as clothes, toys and more

For full event details such as time and place and for more events in coquitlam this month visit (source): http://www.coquitlam.ca/parks-recreation-and-culture/arts-and-culture/special-events-calendar/special-events-calendar.aspx


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