The Importance of Play: Age 24-36 Months

This is the fourth and final post in a series of posts on the importance of play.

Good Activities for Playing with 24 to 36 month olds:

  • Family and Friends: children at this age are very social. Give them as many opportunities as possible to interact with others of their age. Maybe invite friends over or cousins. Go to the park and let them play with children there. Playing with others teaches them how to resolve conflict and communicate well.
  • Say it With Music: Do musical games with command words, like the “Hokey-Pokey” this integrates language and movement in a very direct way.
  • Quiet Play: play does not always have to be super active, quiet time with simple activities like colouring, reading, and painting are also great.
  • Act it Out: encourage pretend play with dress-up and props. This is great for children’s creativity and self-esteem, and its fun!

Visit the source at the bottom for more great information and tips on early childhood play.



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