The Importance of Play: Age 12-24 Months

This is the third post in a series of posts on the importance of play.

Good Activities for Playing with 12-24 Month Olds:

  • Running, Climbing and Action Games: even simple games like “Ring Around the Rosie” and “London Bridge” are good for this age group because they encourage gross motor movement. Also, going to the park or playground or running around in the back yard are good too. Anything to get them moving.
  • Let’s Do It Again…: As annoying as they may get for us, repetitive play is good for toddlers because it helps them solidify how things work. Singing the same songs, reading the same books, even filling a sand toy and dumping it over and over again are good. Knowing what to expect makes them feel secure and in control and helps them master skills.
  • Name That Tune: music is great for linguistic develop at this age, encourage children to sing along and dance.
  • Busy Hands: do sensory activities where they use their hands. Finger painting, play dough, sand buckets, really anything that lets them explore and figure out how the world works through their sense of touch.



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