The Anxious Child: 13 Helpful Phrases to Calm an Anxious Child

This week (May 2nd to 8th) is national Mental Health Week. The initiative is meant to encourage people to talk about, learn about and reflect on issues in the area of mental health. For mental health week we will be doing a series of posts on childhood anxiety.

This is the last post in a series of posts on childhood anxiety.

Many children experience anxiety from time to time when they are adjusting to a new environment, new friends, or in general may be having an emotional day. However, some children are more prone to anxious responses to stress than others. The anxious child can be hard to talk to and reason with sometimes, you want to get at the root cause of their anxiety and help to calm down but this can be difficult at times. We liked the above poster for some things to keep in mind when talking to an anxious child to help them calm down and show empathy.



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