Summer Science Experiments

Here are a few creative and educational ideas for activities in the summer:

  • Sticky Ice: turn a piece of ice into glue using salt and ice.
  • Ice Excavations: freeze some small toys/prizes in ice and let children attempt to get them out with a variety of materials
  • Fizzing Ice Cubes: freeze vinegar dyed with food colouring into small cubes (as in an ice cube tray), then take the vinegar cubes out and place them in a tray of baking soda, once they start to melt they will become fizzy and children can play with them/move them around for an interesting visual and sensory activity (shown in pic above)
  • Pop Rocks Balloons: pouring pop rocks candy into a bottle of soda and placing a balloon on the opening at the top should cause the balloon to inflate due to the reaction between the pop rocks and the soda
  • Building Anemometers: this is a cool activity for kids to learn about the wind, the instructions a slightly more extensive than the other so for more details see




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