Summer Art: Paint Filled Egg Smash

This art activity is great for busting summer boredom!


  • Emptied eggshells
  • Paint
  • Canvas (or poster board)
  • Tissue paper
  • glue

Tip: don’t waste eggs, just break them carefully when cooking with them by cutting a small hole in the top with a knife and rinsing out the inside with warm water and soap.


  1. Fill the eggshells you saved with liquid paint of various colours
  2. Seal the filled eggs by wrapping them in tissue paper and gluing the tissue paper to the eggshell.
  3. Lean your poster board or canvas against a box in the grass.
  4. Let your kids throw the eggs at the canvas and smash open to paint it.
  5. It’s tons of messy summer fun!




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