Summer Art Activity: Nature Paint Brushes

This is a fun one for summer art from! Make paintbrushes out of items you can easily find at the park or in your backyard.


  • Sticks (as handles for brushes)
  • Pieces of nature you find (i.e. leaves of different shapes and sizes, flower petals, etc.)
  • Elastic bands or string
  • Paint
  • Paper


  • First, do a scavenger hunt in your back yard or local park. Look for sticks that will be suitable for handles, leaves, flower petals, twigs, etc. Basically anything you think will make a cool texture for a paintbrush.
  • Once you have collected your nature pieces, attach the different items you found to each stick using an elastic or tying them with string. And there you have it, those are your brushes.
  • Now put out paint of different colours and some plain white paper and have fun experimenting with how the different brushes look on canvas!
  • Tip: make sure the nature pieces are cleaned and the sticks won’t give children splinters.

This activity is great for sensory and fine motor development, and also creative thinking as it requires children to see their environment in a new way.



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