Summer Activities with Sidewalk Chalk

Sidewalk chalk is an outside play item that most children and families have. Maybe yours is just collecting dust in the summer toys storage, or maybe you buy a new box every year because your children love it! Either way, here are some great suggestions to change up the usual sidewalk chalk play.

  1. Sidewalk Simon: this works pretty much exactly like the electronic light up game. Take some chalk colours and make a circle (or whatever shape you like, get creative!) with sections of the different colours. Then yell out colours and have kids jump to the right spots. See if they can remember the sequence on their own!
  2. Make a Sports Court: do you kids love sports but you don’t have a ton of space for them to play them in your backyard? Draw a tennis, volleyball, and badminton court in your driveway, or add basketball court lines if you have a hoop. This is a ton of fun and cheaper than buying a net!
  3. Chalk Art Puddles: go draw with chalk on wet sidewalk after a some rain (there are plenty of opportunities for this here in Coquitlam!) Experiment with how the chalk “melts” and the colours change, or just use it as an opportunity to get ride of those broken little pieces that sit in the bottom of your chalk bucket unused.
  4. Obstacle Course: basically this is hopscotch with a twist. Draw/write a bunch of different activities like “twirl in a circle 3 times” “do 5 jumping jacks” “crab walk”, etc. and have the kids throw rocks like hopscotch but instead of just jumping in boxes, have them do the actions where the rock lands.
  5. Water Balloon Toss: draw a large circular target with different values in the different circles (like arcade games), fill some water balloons and toss them at the target!
  6. And more!

For photos and other sidewalk chalk games visit (source):


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