Spring Time Nature Collages

Developmental Goal/Activity Objective: To practice creative art skills while learning about the environment.

Materials Needed:

  1. Contact paper OR clear plastic and glue
  2. Nature materials


  1. Go on a nature walk and collect some outdoor items.
  2. Put out some contact paper with the sticky side up.
  3. Use the materials from outdoors to make a collage by placing the items on the sticky contact paper.
  4. Seal them in with a second piece of contact paper stuck to the first.
  5. Display in the window for best effect.


Guidance and Safety Considerations

Contact paper is sticky, might need to be taped to the table to be easier to work with.


Source: https://www.themaven.net/kidsactivities/kidsactivities/nature-craft-collage-Vli3sX9MBE2RCZwlMI39zg?full=1




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