Spring Craft: Painting with Flowers

Here is a fun craft great for spring. It is simple and easy to do.


  1. Flowers (either the plastic dollar store kind, or experiment with picking real flowers from outside!)
  2. Paint
  3. Paper
  4. Paint tray


  • First, get your flowers! These can be plastic dollar store ones if you are concerned about allergies or of the weather is not so great and you don’t want to go outside for long, or you can pick some from nature! If you pick them from outside, try to get different kinds of flowers and different sizes.
  • Clean the flower stems so that they can essentially be used as a handle.
  • Place them into paint on a tray. These will be the “brushes” for this activity.
  • Let children experiment with pressing prints with the flowers, brushing with them, etc.
  • And that’s it!

Source: http://www.learning4kids.net/2013/10/08/flower-printing/#_a5y_p=1498438


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