Social and Emotional Communication with Your Child Aged Birth to Two: Strategies/Activities for Birth to 18 Months

By January 11, 2017Parkland Players

This is the third post in a series of posts on social and emotional communication with children aged two years and under.

This post will focus on strategies and activities for facilitating social and emotional development in your child from birth to 18 months.

  • Physical contact is essential: Holding and cuddling your baby is essential for the formation of positive attachment and bonds between caregiver and baby.
  • Read Stories: developmental of literacy skills can start at any age and has a whole load of cognitive benefits. Read to your child with brightly coloured and highly sensory books. The sound of your voice is also great for them.
  • Mirrors: mirrors are good for babies so that they can develop their self-concept.
  • Help your child to sooth themselves when they are overwhelmed: babies have not yet mastered self-soothing and need help in this. It is also important to support them in learning how to calm themselves down as they get older.
  • Be aware of your own emotions: remember that your child can often sense your energy and how you are feeling too. If you are experiencing stress or negative emotions, your baby can often feed off this and express similar emotions. This isn’t healthy for you or the baby, and so it is important to engage in self care and tend to your own social/emotional states.



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