Shamrock Marbling Activity

This week we have a few St. Patrick’s Day themed activities planned! This one is super fun and can be modified to the shape of something else (like a butterfly for example) if you aren’t in the St. Patrick’s Day mood. Here’s the instructions…


  1. green paint
  2. marbles
  3. box or tupperware
  4. paper
  5. scissors


  • cut a large piece of white construction or card stock paper into the shape of a shamrock (this might take a few tries to get it just right, sketch it with a pencil first!)
  • Place the white paper in the bottom of a box. An old shoebox or unused tupperware container works best.
  • Squirt some paint onto the shamrock once in the box. Hopefully you have a couple different shades of green.
  • Place the marbles in the box now and roll them around. The marbles will run through the paint and then across the paper creating this super cool splatter effect! (beware that the paint will also get on your container/box so be sure that it is something you are comfortable getting dirty)
  • Once you are done, remove the shamrock from the box and let dry.



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