Sensory Motor Scavenger Hunt

We’ve had a couple scavenger hunt posts before, just because they are so much fun, but this one from the has a twist on the usual list of scavenger hunt items. The theme here is outdoor sensory and motor development. All the items on the list require gross motor movements or sensory actions. Great for younger kids developing these skills. Check out the list here or visit the source at the bottom for a free printable.

Find Something

  • To climb
  • To play catch with
  • To crawl under
  • To roll across the ground
  • That is heavy
  • That is smooth
  • That is squishy
  • To jump over
  • To walk across
  • To balance your head on
  • To use as a drum
  • That is rough
  • That is soft

All list items found at (source):


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