Sensory Experiences for Toddlers

Infants largely experience the world through their senses especially touch. Here are some ways to stimulate this sense during play.

  • Make texture cards by cutting pieces of cardboard and cover these cards in pairs with cotton, corduroy, terry cloth, wool, sandpaper, fur or other materials. Children can explore what each card feels like; older children can be encouraged to match pairs.
  • Finger painting with sand or other gritty, grainy substances added for texture.
  • Try drawing on different textures, like sandpaper or corrugated cardboard and try using different materials to draw with, such as chalk, charcoal, pastels, pencils, etc.
  • Sand and water paly are also great sensory activities


Source: Petersen, Sandra H., and Donna S. Wittmer. Infant and Toddler Curriculum, 2nd Edition. Pearson Learning Solutions, 2012. VitalBook file.


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