Self-Regulation: Self-Regulation vs. Compliance

By January 21, 2016Parkland Players

This is the second post in a series of posts about self-regulation.

A common misconception about self-regulation is that it simply involves a child getting control of their negative emotions. However, this refers more to compliance than self-regulation.

The goal of self-regulation is much superior to that of compliance because compliance simply suggests doing what one is told, however the goal of self-regulation is to have children be able to know how to handle themselves and their emotional states in an aware and constructive way, not just because of rules in the classroom or at home.

Self-regulation is meant to foster a child’s ability to know the how to interact with others on their own and to help them develop self-esteem knowing that they can cope effectively in stressful situations. Self-regulation is about practicing focus and alertness and can look different for different children, therefore it is not the same as compliance.



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